Bulgarian and Bad as Hell

I was nervous about coming to Honduras.

You go to Honduras, be careful, they say.

People said I had guts to give everything up and travel in the first place. Nah, I’m only afraid of more important things, I’ve still got a few things to prove. I felt I had to go to Tegucigalpa, to prove to myself that I’m not afraid of these places.
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Flophouse II

The blackness devoured me fast. I couldn’t remember falling asleep but I was awake again. But almost immediately it began to shroud and eat me up once more but I could feel something in the room with the insects and us, something to the right of me, but no matter how hard I tried I could not move like there was something pressing down on me, and then I became frighteningly aware that there was SOMETHING in the room, without a doubt, and I was thinking that in the morning I would say to Boxhead, we have to leave here, we can’t stay, and I thought that I heard one of the girls scream, but it sounded tiny and very far away, and I was immovable. Everything seemed so heavy, my bed seemed amorphous and I was sinking deeper and deeper into it. I could feel the unseen thing right there, next to me, taste it. I squirmed and struggled and groaned and fought to penetrate the darkness with all my strength but the energy was not there then my eyes were suddenly open. I blinked them. Everybody was asleep. There was nothing else. I felt my eyes closing again and fought with everything in me to avoid the same dreams as I descended into unconsciousness.