About Me

I’m Jon and this is my blog.

In late 2010, I started a travel blog to document the trip I was about to go on to South America, New Zealand, Australia, and South East Asia. I hadn’t written anything prior to that (except tedious academic stuff) but I found that I enjoyed it a lot. The writing made me happy. That’s when I really started out. That blog has since disappeared although some of the stories appear here on Boy, Lost. Then in January 2014, I embarked on another trip to South and Central America. That’s where this blog was born.

There are no pressures to conform to any style, no tenseness, just sit at the typer with absolute freedom to write anything I want how I want. It’s amazing. I’ve had a good time with it. And I believe that as the months go by the writing gets better.

Now that I’m home back in Wales, I am going to post short fiction on here too which I guess makes it more than just a travel blog.

I hope that you like it.


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